Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Interested in supporting a local farm in a more impactful way? Ready to commit to cooking more meals at home with fresh, seasonal, whole foods? Looking to simplify your weekly trip to the farmers’ market?


These are just a few of the reasons people join Community Supported Agriculture programs.

The Basics

Joining a CSA is often referred to as “buying a share.” In exchange for an up-front payment, the “shareholder” receives a regular distribution of farm products as they come into season.

CSAs come with an element of shared risk/reward. Farmers face their highest operating costs at a time of year when their revenues are lowest. Selling shares offsets these expenses. Buying-in gives members a slight discount on freshly-picked, seasonal foods.

Along with the grower, shareholders take the bad with the good. Adverse events, like challenging weather patterns, might impact the variety of food available come distribution time. At the same time, shareholders receive “first dibs” on any bounty.

The feeling of “all being in it together” fosters a strong sense of community.

HPFM CSA Programs

Every farm has its own unique CSA program. Some CSAs include weekly distributions of freshly harvested vegetables. Other programs might include meat or eggs. Some farms let their shareholders choose their own items, but discount each purchase. Other farms distribute the harvest equally.

Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is fortunate to have several farmers who offer a CSA.

Below you will find our current CSA growers:

Eaton Farm

Eaton Farm offers a flexible, market-style CSA that enables you to choose your own responsibility grown share items through a simple point system. Enjoy 20 weeks of fresh, delicious, in-season vegetables delivered to HPFM weekly.  Learn more.

Hazelfield Farm

Hazelfield Farm operates traditional vegetable and meat CSA programs that offer the best quality and variety from the farm. Both full shares and half shares are available. Hazelfield specializes in growing heirloom and heritage vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains using all-natural practices. Learn more.

Farm Beach Bethel

Farm Beach Bethel’s Summer CSA (Duration: June 21-Sept 20) can be delivered to your doorstep or picked up at the market.  Enjoy your favorite, fresh, local produce. Learn More.

Our Promise

It’s hard to replicate the peace of mind that comes from knowing where and how your food is grown—not to mention who is growing it.

The Hyde Park Farmers’ Market strives to bring our patrons the best tasting, most healthy food in our region. Our growers strictly adhere to regenerative and humane practices. Produce is grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or GMO seed. Livestock and poultry are pasture raised (and finished) without antibiotics or growth hormones.

CSA shares are harvested at the height of ripeness. Enjoy incredibly flavorful, nutrient-dense food, while following nature’s cycles with a seasonal diet.