Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

There are so many reasons to join a Community Supported Agriculture program.

The Basics

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a subscription-based program that enables members to pay in advance to receive a weekly share of a farm’s produce for an entire season. Along with enjoying fresh and delicious local food, being a CSA member is an excellent way to support and get to know your local farmer. Want to learn more? Take a look at our blog post.

Our CSA Programs

CSA shares are harvested at the height of ripeness. Enjoy incredibly flavorful, nutrient-dense food, while following nature’s cycles with a seasonal diet. Every farm has its own unique CSA program. Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is fortunate to have several farmers who offer a CSA:

The Eaton Farm

The Eaton Farm offers a flexible, market-style Produce CSA that enables you to choose your own responsibly-grown share items through a simple point system. Enjoy 20 weeks of fresh, delicious, in-season vegetables (and optional eggs!) delivered to HPFM weekly. In addition, Eaton Farm also provides a Meat CSA, which is a great way to source pastured proteins. Learn more.

Hazelfield Farm

Hazelfield Farm

Hazelfield Farm offers a gourmet CSA delivered every Sunday to Hyde Park for 30 weeks. With over 20 years of experience, you can expect the highest quality vegetables, fruit, grains and herbs. Hazelfield Farm practices sustainable farming and specializes in heirloom varieties​. Learn more.

Elmwood Stock Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm is certified organic and produces wholesome vegetables, fruits, pantry items, pasture-raised eggs, poultry, pork, and grass-finished beef and lamb. CSA shareholders benefit from Elmwood Stock Farm’s many years of growing for CSA and their online system, which enables share customization. Learn More.

Farm Beach Bethel

Farm Beach Bethel is a small, 4-season, family farm practicing regenerative agriculture. For 18 years they have grown nourishing food close to Mother Nature. Sarah and Adam offer a gift card CSA, starting at $500 and inculdes a 10% discount with each purchase. Learn more by calling: (513) 289-7172.

Hazelfield Farms

Hazelfield farm is a family and a farm with a passion for growing unique flowers and foliage. Their CSA Flower Club offers fresh-cut arrangements. Available in different weekly groupings and for a 10% discount off the market price.  Flowers and colors vary as the season changes. Learn More.

Our Promise

It’s difficult to replicate the peace of mind that comes from knowing where and how your food is grown—not to mention who is growing it. Hyde Park Farmers’ Market strives to bring our patrons the best tasting, most healthy food in our region. Our growers strictly adhere to regenerative and humane practices. Produce is grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or GMO seed. Livestock and poultry are pasture raised (and finished) without antibiotics or growth hormones.