Become a Producer

Hyde Park Farmers’ Market hosts some of the finest producers in the tri-state region. Interested in joining our line-up? We focus on quality practices, variety and creating a great market experience.

Interested in Joining the HPFM Family?

Thank you for your interest in joining the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market. Please review the producer requirements before applying, and note that we do not feature craft vendors at HPFM.

Participation in the HPFM is by invitation only. If you are interested in participating, please complete the “Interest Form” below. This is the first step in the review process.  We try to give all applicants feedback on their submissions. However, this may take some time, so please be patient.

Market Requirements

HPFM is a producer’s market.

We provides a diverse, high-quality selection of regional agricultural, horticultural and food artisan products for our patrons.

The market also strives to support growers and food artisans who use sustainable and regenerative growing practices (or who source ingredients from farmers who do); who provide highest-quality produce, meats and products; and who are located within 100 miles of Cincinnati.

HPFM’s mission is to help rebuild the Greater Cincinnati foodshed. HPFM does this by making every effort to create a strong patron community, and by enabling producers to have an opportunity to increase sales over time.

We seek product offering diversity and expect our producers to provide the highest quality products possible.

HPFM is a food-only market. We are not a craft market. We do not offer space to sell hand-crafted items. Similarly, we also do not offer space for nonprofit organizations.

HPFM gives preference to producers whose practices support our mission.

We prefer our food artisans cook and/or bake in a commercial kitchen.


Producer Interest Form

What type of producer are you?

If a farmer, what do you produce on your farm?

If a food artisan, do you cook or bake in a commercial kitchen?

What are your fruit, vegetable and/or flower production practices?

What are your animal production practices?

What food do you produce?

I participate in other farmers’ markets, sell at other outlets or have a physical store.

Everything I would like to bring to HPFM I have grown on my farm and/or produced myself.

I agree to accurately report to HPFM management my gross revenue numbers after each market?

Would you like to tell us anything else?

11 + 10 =