Website Lines opening Day2Mary Ida Compton moved to Cincinnati in 1999 from California and found she missed the connection to local farmers and the availability of farmers’ markets selling fresh produce.

She has developed a passion for food through a connection to the land and through organic gardening and has also become a passionate eater.

Judy Williams lived in France about 8 years ago and found the local markets to be a wonderful way to connect with the grower/producer of her food and a great way to connect with other people in the village on market day. She likewise became passionate about fresh ingredients in her cooking, and realized the importance of buying from the person who grew the produce and brought it to market.

We want to offer both organic and conventionally grown produce, with an emphasis on organic, by supporting small and family run farms in our area, as well as providing an outlet for independent cottage type businesses i.e. sellers of jellies, jams, honey, and baked goods, and locally grown flowers, plants and herbs.

We want to bring the community together by establishing a pleasant vibrant outdoor environment for gathering, shopping, and community sharing, thereby enhancing the quality of life in the hyde park area.

We want to connect the consumer with the farmer/vendor grower and to educate the consumer about how their produce is grown.

Together we want to celebrate the foods grown in this area not only through availability but also through education and awareness.

The Hyde Park farmers’ market offers the farmer/vendor an unparalleled opportunity to market to one of the most condensed residential & pedestrian-friendly areas in Southern Ohio.

We want the Hyde Park Market to be a growers only market. Nothing obtained at auction or wholesale will be resold at the market.