Running Creek Farm

A Farm in Mount Healthy
  • Name Running Creek Farm
  • Category Farmer

A farm in Mount Healthy – where? This question is often asked by folks visiting the Running Creek stand at the farmers market. Beginning in 2002, Jim and Karen developed Running Creek Farm as an “urban farm” on their 4½ acres in Mt Healthy. Jim Lowenburg and Karen Mandell raise a wide variety of vegetables and flowers on their acreage in the city.

Jim and Karen have been growing vegetables for nearly twenty years, gradually expanding their efforts to produce enough for their market stands in Hyde Park and Northside. Running Creek Farm specializes in heirloom tomatoes, specialty potatoes, gourmet garlic, fresh basil, flower arrangements and an assortment of other vegetables – all grown without pesticides.

Stop by the Running Creek Farm stand at the market and enjoy some “healthy food from Mount Healthy.” If you are served by our nine and twelve year-old sons, be sure and ask them for a joke or a magic trick.