Owl Creek Bison

Bison meat and breeding stock
  • Name Owl Creek Bison
  • Category Farmer

We are a 100% grass fed, free roaming bison ranch in Chillicothe/Frankfort, Ohio. Members of NBA (National Bison Association), EBA (Eastern Bison Assoc.)

Our bison are free roaming, grass fed only. We don’t feed grain since this would add fat, calories and cholesterol to the meat. By raising the bison on grass only you get meat that tastes good and is nutritionally sound and heart healthy (American Heart Association). Bison meat is denser and has more protein than beef. It also contains the antioxidant selenium and is a good source of iron.

We are as hands off as we can be. We provide grass pasture, water, minerals and shade. The cows wean their own calves. We monitor them, but don’t interfere with their daily routine. You can find us at the Chillicothe Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8-noon, at Montgomery farmers market from 9-12:30 Saturdays and Hyde Park farmers market Sunday mornings. In Columbus at Raisin Rack,