La Terza

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  • Name La Terza
  • Category Artisan

La Terza Artisan Coffee is now located next to Rivertown Brewery. This is an exciting move for us as it allows for natural synergies between two companies committed to bringing art to their craft!

Coffee, like beer, incorporates a lot of science into the process of producing beverages that bring a smile to your mouth – and like beer, coffee is a true center point where science collides with artistic expression. Green coffee is a blank canvas… and the roasting process is a form of art. It takes skill, dedication, and creativity to turn it into something phenomenal. Within the rock-like, green coffee bean exists a vast array of flavor potential, and the individual approach to roasting each coffee is ultimately what brings out the full natural flavor. With great attention to temperature and timing, we delicately apply heat that is constantly monitored from batch to batch. If a batch is drawn out too long, the beans will turn out bitter and baked. If roasted too quickly, coffee is underdeveloped and sour. Finding the perfect balance of temperature and time is the key to a phenomenal roast.

Like stepping back to look at a freshly painted canvas, regular cupping our coffees is crucial to keep growing as an artist. We purchase from many producers all of the world who are true artisans, which is why we feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to be a positive reflection of their work… and we believe that shows in the cup! We encourage you to celebrate each cup of coffee as a piece of art crafted through the work of many hands.