Finn Meadows Farm

Ecological Farming and Old Fashioned Living
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Finn Meadows Farm was conceived in the minds of Marc and Claire Luff long before it came into existence in the spring of 2011. While working at other farms in Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee, Marc and Claire dreamed of creating a farm that could supply something from every food group to their customers, all from one farm. They aren’t there yet but they’ve had a great start.

They offer vegetables, fruits, flowers, pastured non-GMO eggs and meats including: pork, grass-fed beef, chicken, and turkeys at a few farmers markets in the Cincinnati area, produced using methods consistent with organic certification.  They also have a flexible, market-style CSA, where members can shop for any of these products at their farm in Montgomery (or the markets).

Marc and Claire are aiming to create a close-looped system on their farm, creating a truly sustainable farm by bringing in as few inputs as possible. They achieve this using intensive livestock management, meaning that the animals are rotated around the fields to meter out their manure, thereby enriching the fertility of the pasture and garden.  They also achieve this by mixing their own compost on-farm which then creates beautiful black soil.  Soil building is their main focus in farming, which, in turn, creates nutrient-dense, abundant vegetables, and a whole secret ecosystem underneath our feet.

Marc and Claire do not use any kind of chemicals to grow their produce and use ONLY methods consistent with organic certification requirements.  Cows are 100% grass fed, and pigs and chickens are supplemented with non-GMO feed in addition to the great pasture and veggie scraps.

Come say hello to us at our booth and ask any question you like!Finn Meadows Farm 2016