Early Bird Gardens & Bakery

combination market garden and cottage bakery
  • Name Early Bird Gardens & Bakery
  • Category Artisan

Early Bird Gardens & Bakery is a combination of three market gardens, and a cottage bakery. The gardens are located in both Bethel, and Cincinnati, OH. The location in Cincinnati is part of the City of Cincinnati Urban Agriculture Program and is located on a 1/2 acre site. Our gardens, combined, make up almost an acre of land, all of which is gardened using organic methods. The bakery part of Early Bird is a cottage bakery, which means all items are baked at home, following the cottage industry guidelines & rules. All items are made with gluten-free ingredients, the muffins are always vegan, and we try to use as many local & organic ingredients as much as possible. Find us at Hyde Park Farmers Market as well as Northside Farmers Market! Thanks! -Emily St.Clair