Boone Creek Creamery

  • Name Boone Creek Creamery
  • Category Artisan

Our cheeses range from a traditional Sharp Cheddar to a creative Tuscan Sun, which is an Asiago with organic sun dried tomatoes and basil. Our Abbey Road is an old English Lancashire Cheddar with organic sun dried tomatoes. Our latest creation is an English Cheddar with whole peppercorns and red pepper flakes, dusted with red paprika that we call our Sassy Redhead; and of course Ginger Rhapsody is our signature blue with a little zing of ginger. We have thought about renaming this our WOW cheese because that’s what almost everyone says when they first try it.

Our cheese is made from all natural Kentucky Proud milk. The cows are pasture grazed and never given any antibiotics or hormones. Instead they are fed a vitamin enriched diet and all the grass they can eat. The milk is not homogenized and is pasteurized at just 145 degrees, then quickly cooled to preserve the natural flavor and enzymes that Mother Nature intended. We believe that happy cows produce better milk.

We make cheese by hand using European techniques that use no modern mechanical equipment because we believe that protects the flavor and texture of the finished cheese. This is a lot more work, but we believe it creates a better cheese.

Thanks for your support. See you at the market.