Blue Oven Bakery

Baking Since 2007
  • Name Blue Oven Bakery
  • Category Artisan

Baking since 2007, Blue Oven offers a range of wood-fired breads and pastries. From our beloved English Muffins to our twice-baked almond and coconut croissants to our Seedy McSeed and infamous Bad Boy, Blue Oven looks to deliver quality breads to local restaurants, farmers’ markets, retail partners and you! Even before they’re baked with care in our signature wood-fired style each loaf is allowed to develop full flavors through fermentation whether through the use of preferments mixed into dough or through a cooled proofing process after the dough has been shaped.  Blue Oven is constantly challenging its team to find new and innovative ways to bring our farm-grown wheat and produce to you throughout the year! Mark and Sara Frommeyer and the Blue Oven team look forward to seeing you every week during the market season!


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