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Having been growing vegetables for the past 24 years, Brad and Marcia and sons Brandon, Bryant and Brady all pitch in to seed, plant, tend, hoe, pull weeds, irrigate, harvest and care for our crops in the fields and greenhouses. We believe that raising our children on the farm helps them to learn a good work ethic, it provides them the opportunity to work next to their parents and brothers and sister, and to help them build good personal skills by working with customers at the home Farm Market and at Farmers Market. Hopefully after all the work there is a little money left at the end of the season to go to the children’s college funds. In the spring and fall season we offer school and group tours so that we can educate others the importance of farms, farmers and raising livestock and crops in every ones everyday lives.

Farm Owner Marcia Bergefurd says: “We do our best to provide our customers at all the markets with only the highest quality and the most variety in the flowers, perennials, herbs, small fruit and vegetables that our family can produce, even if Mother Nature throws us for a loop with Easter freezes and droughts, having received only 1 inch of rain at their Wilmington, Ohio farm since April”. “Thankfully we have some irrigation for we can continue to plant and harvest some produce for our customers”.