5 Oaks Organics

Certified Organic Lettuce and other Veggies, Ancient Grains
  • Name 5 Oaks Organics
  • Category Farmer

5 Oaks Organics is owned & operated by Kristi Hutchinson. She has spent 3 years working on a certified organic farm. Then 2 years running that farm while waiting for the 3 years required for certification at 5 Oaks. This will be the 3rd year 5 Oaks will be operated as certified organic. The farm dates back to 1836 & once boasted 180 acres. Back in the 60’s, it was a dairy farm. Now only 9.5 acres remain. 5 Oaks raises vegetables, fruit, chickens for eggs only, & sheep for wool. The plan is to expend into grains, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, nut trees, baked goods and cheeses. There are 2 goats, 4 horses- 2 are draft work horses, a pot belly pig plus 3 dogs & many, many cats. ​