Grassroots Farm & Foods

100% Grassfed Beef and Lamb; Pastured Poultry; Woodlot Pork; and Prepared Foods
  • Name Grassroots Farm & Foods
  • Category Farmer

The goal of Grassroots Farm & Foods is to improve the lives of customers by:

  • Managing land holistically and stewarding grassfed animals,
  • Preparing nutritious, savory, convenient, and trustworthy foods,
  • Delivering such foods to families in neighborhoods.


We produce  grassfed beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, and prepared foods in Cynthiana, Ohio—approximately eighty-five miles east of Cincinnati, in the legendary and biodiverse Beech Flats of Pike County.  We operate independently from the industrial food system, delivering food directly to you. We invite you to visit this beautiful farm and develop an ongoing relationship with its animals, land, and people.

CSA   Simple Gifts is our subscription program to simplify life in the kitchen. Each week for eight weeks, a couple is provided with an average of 2.5 meals of prepared grassfed meats & eggs, at a cost of: $9/person/meal or $360.  Pick up  at the Hyde Park Farmers Market, prepackaged and ready to go, every other Sunday, with home delivery available for $7 per drop-off (within 3 miles). Payment is made in advance either on-line at: or in person at the Hyde Park Farmers Market. Menus will rotate with seasonality, new products, and supply.