CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You pay a single price in the Spring and receive a weekly collection of the most wonderful offerings from the farm.

Eaton Farm

Eaton Farm 2016 CSA Shares – 20 week season from late May to early October.   Choose from three share sizes during the summer season ($355, $690, $850) for Certified Organic summer produce (meat-only options also available).  Shares are picked up each week at market. Members bring their own bag or basket. We offer 4 makeup days if pickups are missed.

Number of people one share should feed: Ideal share size depends on eating and cooking habits, how often meals are cooked at home, and if canning/freezing summer abundance is preferred. To give an idea of share size, a Small share provides $20/week in produce credits; Large share provides $40; and a Super share provides $50.

Contents of a typical share: Our CSA uses the market-style model, so each week, members “shop” for their shares.  As an example, a spring share might include lettuce, green onions, radishes, peas, strawberries, kale, and eggs. A summer share might include tomatoes, onions, squash, cucumbers, chard, peppers, beans, and eggplant. Because members pick and choose their own items, each weekly share is customized.

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Elmwood Stock Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm 2016 CSA Shares – 22 week season from May 8th to October 2nd. Choose from three share sizes during the summer season (Mini  $19, Regular $28, or Robust $40 per week).  Add on farm-raised extras such as eggs, chicken, grass-fed beef, or pantry shares. All items Certified Organic.

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Finn Meadows Farm

Finn Meadows Farm 2016 CSA Shares – Cost: $325 for half share, $425 for whole share, $800 for Supershare. Dates of distribution: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The number of people one share should feed varies with the season. We offer market style CSA with meat and veggies included, and you can choose what you take each week.  Shares may be picked up from our farm in Montgomery or at the market.

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Grassroots Farm and Foods

Grassroots Farm & Foods offers a subscription program called Simple Gifts, to simplify life in the kitchen. Each week for eight weeks, a couple is provided with 2 meals (4 servings) of prepared grassfed meats and 1 dozen pastured eggs.  Deliveries are made to the Hyde Park Farmers Market every other Sunday, with delivery to nearby homes (within 3 miles) available for $7 per drop-off.Units for ordering are: Couples Pack (for 2): $42/wk or $332; Family Pack (for 4): $83/wk or $664; Large Pack (for 6): $118/wk or $946 (save 5%).  Payment is made on-line and in advance, with prorated cancellation an option, at www.grassrootsfoods.biz. Menus will rotate with seasonality, new products, and supply.

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Hazelfield Farm

Hazelfield Farm’s 2016 CSA is a 20 week Summer CSA: May 15th to September 25th. Full shares for $770, and half shares for $440 (discounts offered and payment plans available).  A full share is a bushel basket worth of mixed veggies, fruits, grains and herbs, which will generally feed a family of 4+ or a smaller group of vegetarians/vegans.

The contents of our CSA shares change weekly, based on what produce is at it’s peak of ripeness and ready to be harvested.  We grow heirloom and heritage varieties of vegetables and fruits.  We also raise and process our own grains (cornmeal, flour, dry beans and popcorn).  Our produce changes with each season-Spring CSA boxes will include broccoli, cabbage, chard and kales, lettuces, spinach, green onions, fava beans, sugar snap peas, carrots and beets, radishes, fennel, kohlrabi, cauliflower, strawberries and more!  Our Summer CSA boxes will include tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, sweet corn, okra, potatoes, eggplant, garlic, onions, greens, black berries, cornmeal and flour, fresh herbs, squash and zucchini, and more!  Our fall CSA boxes consist of mostly a mix of summer veggies and spring veggies, with additions such as apples, winter squash and pumpkins.

Pick up is available at the Hyde Park Farmer’s market each Sunday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Hazelfield is a small family farm, with 16 years of CSA experience, farming using only all-natural methods, and those consistent with requirements for organic certification.

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Probasco Urban Farm

CSA offering: Baskets of mushroom.

$32 . 10-week share

$80 . 30-week share

$125 . 50-week share (1 year)

Each share consists of a retail basket of mushrooms, typically enough to cook 1-2 meals for two people. Customers pick up shares at Hyde Park or Northside markets.

This season’s offerings: Oyster mushrooms, enokitake, and, per availability: lion’s mane and seasonal varieties.



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